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How do you KNOW you cleared a drain?

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    Re: How do you KNOW you cleared a drain?

    Originally posted by Jay Mpls View Post
    BOMP. wrong answer.
    You cannot clear a drain 100% with a cable,
    If you have no idea what you are doing!

    I give 6 months warrenty on all my drains with a written clause
    that it is void from abuse.Tampons grease,food etc.
    I can get double cutters down an 1 1/2 line.Plus I work with a bend on the end of my cable.Plastic is a no brainer unless it's loaded with grease.
    For main lines around here the lines are 4" into 6" clay.My camera proves me right each time I cable a main.

    I can confidently give a 90, 120, or even 365 day guarantee (with a clean out install) on residential drain cleaning. Do it all the time.
    3" line gets 3" blades 4" line gets 4" blades and so on. It's ridiculous to not give a minimum warranty. Toilet stoppages or lines with limited access or that might be damaged are different. They get 7 days or no warranty at all depending. I can count on both hands the number of lines I COULDN'T get through. To clear a mainline of roots, grease or any other normal stoppage and not give any guarantee is of no value to customers. Been doing it that way for years with no problems.