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Would you jet, or cable?

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    Re: Would you jet, or cable?

    I"ve seen a lot of telephone cables through sewers. But it wasn't the cable causing problems, it was all the dirt falling in through the broken piece of pipe. So, every three months, you'd have to go back and get the mud out. (This was years ago, before jetters and cameras existed.)

    The installers would be told to run straight in the front of the house, but they got paid by the foot and they ran all the way around to the back of the house, and right across the sewer line.

    I was rodding a line in Bonner's Ferry maybe 35 years ago and the cable popped right up out of the ground. Same problem. They just drug the vibratory plow right through it.


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      Re: Would you jet, or cable?

      neither, I 'd ask the h.o. to ask Duke what their going to do about it. Then pass out bus. cards in the neighborhood


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        Re: Would you jet, or cable?

        Originally posted by Jay Mpls View Post
        Yes I'd take a run at Sara Palin! For your sewer debate.Mark off 30' on a cable and go in with a singe blade or perhaps a sand auger head to get drainage then once it's draining chase your camera down to get the real scoop.Did you do this job yet? Git er done?In the Southwest metro area here I did a life from a hole where a spot repair was being done,20' in I hit what I thought was a root mass.Pulled the cable back send in the camera and I see lots of light! I had peeled the cover off of the hot side of a 440 volt underground electrical line trenched through the clay tile.
        Many years ago while spotting for the backhoe digging up a sewer that was troubled, I got a good jolt right through wet dirt after the bucket just skinned a 440 volt line. It was also trenched right through the sewer.


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          Re: Would you jet, or cable?

          i hit a high pressure gas main snaking once

          my buddy steve sent me to a job at a house that plugged up 3-4 times a year for the last 4 years. i go there to camera the line and it's plugged

          so i break out the 7500 (so that makes it more than 2 years ago) and go to it with a pear cutter. as i cut into the stoppage it clears and i hear a high pitched whistling. i go out front to check the water meter and it's not moving. i check the gas and it's not moving. i put my ear to the cleanout and it's hissing loud. then i smell it. gas

          i call the fire dept and the gas company. they show up and tell the neighbors to close their windows. the homeowner was not home so, i hoping that the gas just vents through the roof.

          finally the proper gas co crew shows up to cut the street and shut off the line. i cameraed the line to mark the spot and show them the 5/8'' hdpe pipe they installed. that's some tuff pipe to cut with a pear cutter.

          my k-60 and root saw would have had that for lunch

          gas company 4 years earlier had moved the meter from the curb to the house using a pneumatic mole to bore. dead center of the sewer line. they reimbursed the owner for all the sewer cleaning bills they could find for the last 4 years.

          my buddy steve gave me that customer for keeps

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Would you jet, or cable?

            We had a call last week to camera a line that needs to be snaked a few times a year. This was the first time we have been there. We find an underwater stopage five feet from the curb in the street, so we are unable to make out the problem. We ask the homeowner if they want us to try and clear the blockage since we are there. She say that she has sewer insurance and they are going to fix it they just wanted it located. A few days later there is a crew digging up the road to repair it. It turns out that a few years back there was a new under ground electric line run in the road and they went right thru the sewer line. The entire road was repaved after this so there was no signs of a trench. Well I guess I am glad the HO didn't want us to try and clear it and who knows what the other company was using for a snake to do this twice a year and not get hurt. Sometimes you just get lucky and don't even know it.