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  • Root rope

    can you believe it

    i actually had a job yesterday/ today that the k-60 let me down

    but then again, my 1.25'' cable had a work out too.

    this is from a very expensive house built new in 1992. the original underground utilities were installed prior to 1984 when the development was built. unfortunately according to the person i spoke to today, the lady that owned the 5000' home never really used it since she was bed ridden.

    so i suppose that the lateral was growing roots from the get go.

    4'' garage floor c/o that runs to a common street sewer most likely at 34'. hit a very hard stoppage at 28' to 34'. the 4x6'' is at 23'.

    attempted first with my k-60 and spiral root saw. came back with some heavy roots and 1.5 hours later, i figured i would come back with my 1.25'' sectional. this house is under renovation and not occupied. only 1 toilet for the construction crew.

    used my dewalt timberwolf with 1.25'' innercore cable and 4'' cutter. 1 hour later and finally got the water to drain. pulled back a tightly wrapped rope of roots. 2 more runs at it and i feel i cleaned the line pretty throughly. i suggested to camera the line to know for sure.

    so here are some photos to show my catch.

    notice the tower crane in the background. i asked for a helping hand when i lifted it up the long rope ficus is 12' long, while all the shavings filled a 5 gallon bucket.

    drum, i think not

    feathering the drill was the way to teeter totter the cable to break free. ever load up a timberwolf and make it spin back wards


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    phoebe it is

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    Re: Root rope

    Wow, I have never seen a 'rope' of roots like that. It must of been really back-breaking work to get those out! Most drain-cleaners would probably have given up on such a monstrosity of thick roots. I know I probably would have suggested line repair with roots that bad.

    Anyway, excellent catch!
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      Re: Root rope

      If only we all had old Ficus' and a climate where they could survive. $$$$

      I like the last pic. Reminds me of King Kong like you're going to climb that building with the drill & rootball.



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        Re: Root rope

        Wow, we don't ever have roots like those around here. Those roots were thicker than your forearms. hahahaha
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          Re: Root rope

          Good photos


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            Re: Root rope

            nice pics rick.



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              Re: Root rope

              Impressive! I don't think the East Coast Guys have to deal with anything that measures up to West Coast Ficus. In fact, seeing the the financial opportunity on that property , at least
              3 excavator payments would have been made by some. That's a character, skill,experience ,
              factor, not all have!
              I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                Re: Root rope

                you ruined it. if you kept that quiet you could have braided joey a necklace and matching bracelet for christmas. way to go.
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                  Re: Root rope

                  in that last pic looks like you scalped some ol' boy of his dreadlocks

                  that looks like a fun day at work.



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                    Re: Root rope

                    Amazing you found a set of keys in that drain as well. Kinda like that GEICO commercial and that caveman finds a set looking for buried treasure on the beach.

                    We certainly don't have anything growing in our systems out here but in a situation like that, it would be a gradual process to graze into it, hold in neutral and not go gun hoe into the main thinking you're going to get it all on the first try.

                    That way it would either break it out little by little or you're going to grab it, drag it all out in one piece instead of bundling it all in the open winds.

                    That is what I like about tight innercore cables; keeps the mess to the first couple feet of the cable and that's it. Sometimes it'll wrap the cable at times further back but the removal is simple.

                    I can't see how RootX could even possibly work on root intrusions this large.....can it?

                    I see it more for the thinner type root intrusions.

                    I'd be bed ridden after that much rodding in one place fighting roots too.


                    My bedpan is full!
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                      Re: Root rope

                      Thanks for posting the pics. It adds so much more to a story.



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                        Re: Root rope

                        Nice. Pretty much your standard ficus growth around here. Gotta love them evergreens


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                          Re: Root rope

                          You notice Rick was showing off his Ridgid Key ring? Lol.
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                            Re: Root rope

                            and he got his face in another picture


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                              Re: Root rope

                              Rick, what type of connection do Gene and you use to connect the 1.25 cable to the Timberwolf ?You fellows have lit the spark of interest and I am going to try this method.
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