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Slow washer Drains...

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  • Slow washer Drains...

    I have had another rash of slow washer drain calls... It may be my skill but I can never get a 4 blade cutter to feed worth a crud and when I do get her to go it's like I'm just swirling the muck... Once I get them flowing better I have had good luck with the ryobic treatments

    Here is what I'm considering again

    1/8" electric jetting between 1 and 2 gpm that will feed straight down the drain and through the trap. The rig will be set up to tie into the washer HW bibb and be 220V to plug into the clothes drier outlet...

    Any opinions on this?

    Remember I also live in Hackville so I deal with alot of added washing machine hook-up's later (drainage systems not designed from the start with washing machines in mind)

    These are the lines that I snake and snake and snake that have the black snot grease that gives me a hard time...

    There has to be a better way, I'm getting sick of these drains kicking my tail ...


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    Re: Slow washer Drains...

    On cabling,I have found for me-a 5/8"cable (for a k-50)with the first 4-6" bent will allow me to get around 1.25" bends(lavs)most traps and lines 1.25"-2" in size.If possible,use a cable with the button shot.Once you finish use a bigger attachtment to finish.I have not used a jetter that small,but have used a foot valve and .25" hose to beat through the vent with ajetter that puts out 20 gpm at 2000 psi. Just to say, yes. I think the mini jet will work.If possible I would try to cable laundry lines from the vent or c/o if possible.But hey, what am I saying? You already know this stuff.---------Try the jetter,let us know.Also ask Ace Sewer.
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      Re: Slow washer Drains...

      good luck with a small jetter getting through the trap.

      the 5/8'' sectional is the way to go. either the bulb head, 4 blade, or straight auger is my choice.

      but on a rough trap, a broken off 5/8'' cable as a leader will fly

      i'm not a jetter fan on inside traps. i keep it for outside cleanouts and vents.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Slow washer Drains...

        I jet washer boxes. I jet sinks. I jet urinals through the traps. I jet floor drains through the traps. I jet frigging everything. Washer drains and floor drains are a little bit bigger pain as you need a wet vac til you pop it, and you have to go through a trap, where with sinks you just pull the trap off and stick a bucket under the rough-in. Urinals are toughest, but many can be done.

        I have little luck in threaded pipe; those bends are too tight and I end up with a cable for those.

        The 220 outlet idea is interesting, as I've specifically chosen a jetter that doesn't trip a 15A breaker on 110. Using the 220 would let you have more umph if you could find the right beast... maybe something from Europe where they use 220 everywhere (when I was in England, it was odd to get used to flipping the switch at the outlet; they all have switches to turn them off when not in use). But I think going to 220 mght limit you... like I say I jet everything.

        Cuda is the only one here I know of who has tried what I do, and with to my knowledge only limited success. I think the key is the hose; Harben micro-mini is everything I want in a hose for 2" lines.

        It can work. I do it commonly. I fully believe it is the best and easiest way to open a 2" line. If I could get enough sinks and washers and floor drains without doing all the rest it would be all I'd do.
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          Re: Slow washer Drains...

          I have some galvy washer lines that snaking just would not get clean enough to handle a newer washing machine, and the jetter was the only thing that worked. I am talking about using 1/8 line and the tip with the 3 little balls on it, leader or wathever it is is called. I wd40 the hose like mad to get it thru them but they come out clean and flow enough to keep up with a modern washing machine.
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            Re: Slow washer Drains...

            The best way to handle undersized, old washing machine to repipe the to code. Duh.
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              Re: Slow washer Drains...

              Originally posted by Service Guy View Post
              The best way to handle undersized, old washing machine to repipe the to code. Duh.
              Very very true but it's a hard sell when the sink doesn't back up the line and only the washing machine does. Before I tried my little jetter on one that I had snaked over and over I would have never believed it could solve the problem and would have told the client the line needed to be replaced, but I learned something that day. Plus I never give up which burns me sometimes on jobs pay wise but the people always call me back and tell there friends.
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                Re: Slow washer Drains...

                Thanks for all of the input everyone

                Rick: You may be right and I do eventually get um going with my cables but some have taken me 40-50 passes and alot of clean-up. Though I admit my technique my be less than stellar

                Service Guy: You are correct though a below slab line replacement job for a slow washer is a hard sell

                Ace: I have been cruising the Harben website and will get the micro mini hose.. Just out of curosity what kind of GPM do you think you are running and what is your best head?

                Cuda: My idea exactly

                It can't hurt to have another tool in the arsenal


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                  Re: Slow washer Drains...

                  2 gpm, ~1000psi, tiny button 1 forward, 4 back to pierce it, larger nozzle, ~7/8" dia, 1 front 6 back to clean, brass ball 1 front 3 back about 1" dia use this for dropping back-to-backs as the weight of the ball helps pull it down the vertical at the cross.
                  This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.