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Why cable? Why not jetter?

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  • Why cable? Why not jetter?

    Hi all,

    Interesting forum. I've been involved in drainage for years, but never on the tools. I am thinking about setting up though and have some great experienced people to help me.

    I know that years ago in the UK rods and Spartan eletro-mechanical was the way most drains were unblocked, but now pretty much everyone in the UK uses jetters for external work.

    Is that the same in the US and elsewhere? I know the forum falls under the "RIDGID" banner, but what do you guys mainly use and why? It seems quite a lot of you use the K-60 / K-1500 sectional combo to sort out your problems. Wouldn't a jetter be simpler and quicker? What's the comparision in terms of set-up times and speed of clearance and which method is more likely to have problems?

    Very interested in what kit to buy to start off?

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    Re: Why cable? Why not jetter?

    In The USA we have different plumbing setups in different areas. Some have outside cleanouts, some have reverse cleanouts at the street going back to the home. And some have none of these but a cleanout or not in the house. Where I am it's 50-50 on even having a cleanout because of remodeled basements. I love to jet but can't on every job based on what I stated. I run a snake out to clear the clog and prove to myself the line is not broken then I jet on homes. So the snake is used anyway.
    As for a kit get a pressure washer,some jetter line and nozzles based on your PW gallons per minute, a reel for the line and a foot switch and your ready to go.
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