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More Black Friday (Orangeburg 101)

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  • More Black Friday (Orangeburg 101)

    Ok for you that don't see Orangeburg sewer pipe here ya go.
    This is what happens to it after time.
    I removed all the bad pipe and installed a C/O
    I wanted to install a complete new sewer but it`s the wrong time of the year for that

    the beginning of clog

    Middle of clog. Thanks god for sonde`s

    Not far enough

    and another cut 5` down line and not yet far enough to get to round pipe

    The repair complete with Clean-Out

    The bad spot was 6` long and I`m sure there will be more repairing on this line latter as time goes on.
    I`ve been really busy and I`ll be gone all day tomorrow so see later on in the week
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    Re: More Black Friday (Orangeburg 101)

    Nice Job on the repair AA+++

    This picture reminds me of taco bell for some reason,

    It reminds me of a meximelt

    This one reminds me of a potato

    Yea, I know, what the heck am I saying what this reminds me of.....who knows, but you'll chuckle now


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      Re: More Black Friday (Orangeburg 101)

      I bet the pipe is deformed because the person operating the backhoe pushed down on it.

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        Re: More Black Friday (Orangeburg 101)

        if that was the case it would be broken