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.55 and .66 cables

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  • .55 and .66 cables

    I just got my copy of the cleaner and seen an add for .55 and . 66 cables. Do any of you use them instead of the 5/8" and the 3/4" cable ? I take it that they are to save weight, more flexile, and hold a little more in the drum. Is there any other advantage to them ? Do they hold up under power? I was just wondering why there made they don't seem to be of any other use that I can see, are they worth it ? is there something I'm missing ? I am just guessing as to why there made anyone know for sure.

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    Re: .55 and .66 cables

    those are spartan sizes.

    they are suppose to be equal to the 5/8'' and 3/4'' in strength.

    i've never used them, just retrieved a few broken ones

    phoebe it is


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      Re: .55 and .66 cables

      This is spartan proprietry brand of cable. Supposedly according to Spartan, the cable is double wound(no idea what that means) and that causes the cable to be stronger than other cable. 3/4 cable is .75 so .66 cable does save weight and allows you to hold more cable. A 1065 can hold 112' of 3/4 cable but 162' of .66.

      I've used the .66 but never the 3/4 cable so I can't compare. I will tell you for certain that the cable is very expensive.
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