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    Re: No Clean-out

    Yep I see them from time to time actually one of the few times I get to snake up line when I find them.
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      Re: No Clean-out

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      i've used my coring machine to drill a nice round hole for a c/o on a live line with no way to shut off the flow. and i do use a gas post hole digger to soften up the soil and make some entry holes for digging.

      do you have a photo of that post hole digger and rock cutter bit?

      If you
      If you type in portable well driller. You should be able to find it. I have had mine for 25 years but they still make them. There is a Diamond bit and carbide it depends on the pipe. It will fit right on your gas post hole digger.You can put it down as deep as you need I just stop at the point where I can get it to go both ways. But in an emergency with no chance of a back hoe I have gone down 10 ' and tell them It should have a two way clean out put in but most don't. I put a brush on the end to clean the pipe that deep and cover the pipe hole so the( fast cure )don't get into the line. If it gets in you cant cut it with a cable if it gets down the line. I didn't cover the hole the first time and it cost me $ 1200.00 to fix it. But I never let it happen again you can make your own shaft from a gas pipe.


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        Re: No Clean-out

        thankfully we don't have to deal with that up here.

        sometimes i'll drill a 3/8" hole into a fixture drain so i can get the thaw tube in (top part of the pipe) . then i use a short galvanized or rust resistant bolt with a o-ring to seal it up.

        it almost looks and sounds like there is a need for some type of approved fitting that could be used in situations like this. although i don't know about the deep lines you guys are talking about. something like a saddle with u-bolts so the plumber/HO/drain surgeon/hack could easily install.

        i heard this once; "within every problem lies its own solution"

        i realize that even if there were something like that on the market, not everybody would use one. however, lets be honest, it's not always convenient or necessary to cut a line all the way through and install a proper full size CO.

        i have two main concerns, the safety of the tenents/occupants and the structural integrety of the pipe.



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          Re: No Clean-out

          Originally posted by ksmoker23 View Post
          Yup, I call them roto rooter cleanouts. Its hilarious when all they left over the opening to seal it off was a plastic bag and roots have grown in through the hole and caused the blockage
          They are sjust thinking of the future, their future that is, when they can come back and hit the HO again with a bill.
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