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Need small nozzle for trailor jetter!!!

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  • Need small nozzle for trailor jetter!!!

    Hello guys. Yesterday i had to cut approx 10' of hose off my jetter with the nozzle still on it. Thank God it wasnt the Warthog but it was a 2'' line that i was just determined to get open!!!...i got it unstopped but the dam nozzle must hve went past a bent spot and got hung up...anyway my question is what is the BEST SMALLEST nozzle that you can put on a 1/2 inch hose and still have the best performance? keep in mind that i have a typhoon trailor jetter 2500p.s.i. and 12 gallons a minute. The reason i want a small nozzle is because the Warthog cant go through all of the 3" and 4" lines because the line could be bent or pre-collasping or something. i know i shouldnt have tried to put it in the 2"line for a resodintial kitchen sink but my 3/8 hose and nozzle wouldnt blow it open. Also keepin mind that this k/sink/washer line had been stopped up for over 10 months!!!! i said i unstopped it after i cabled it with my Spartan 100(it just penetrated throught the stoppage) then blew it out with the jetter. Anyways fellas let me know the best ,smallest nozzle for it so i can order it tomorrow!!!


    p.s. where is Greg of DrainMedic???

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    Re: Need small nozzle for trailor jetter!!!

    lonestar, what on earth possessed you to try to stuff a 1/2" hose running 12gpm in a 2" line????? that is SO hugely oversized. your 3/8" wasn't working? omfg! in a 2" line I use a 1/8" hose at 2gpm!

    yes, you need a small penetrator for 3 and 4 inch lines, to follow with something larger, aka warthog... but this is nothing special... i'd suggest almost anything with one forward, 6 back at 25 or 15 degrees. I like aquamole; they will custom drill.
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      Re: Need small nozzle for trailor jetter!!!

      Ace is right! Call aquamole.
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        Re: Need small nozzle for trailor jetter!!!

        thanks guys!!! I will be calling Aquamole ordering a couple of nozzles today!!!