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  • Ridgid forum in Russia

    My cousin just sent me an E- Mail. His wife is from Russia and she E-Mails a women from a town where she had lived in Russia. The women sent an E-Mail with a copy of a post I put on the forum called (The Best Christmas present.) when she got it she sent a copy of the E-Mail to me. The post is in English but the letter was in Russian. I don't know how they got it in Russia I didn't realize the forum was read in Russia. I hope some of you cleaners from Russia will write about some of your experiences and share with us. We are all cleaners just because our governments get in to it once in a while has nothing to do with us cleaners. Governments don't always see eye to eye with each other. But I can guarantee this forum will be more then glad to welcome you. That is why were here to talk and share with each other. I would like to read about how you deal with clogs in Russia or any other country that wants to post. And cleaners love to get and give advise. There are translators on the Internet like Prompt that will translate to English. We have one poster from Australia that we love to read his posts. So go ahead and post, I would like to know what equipment you use and what kind of problems you have over there cleaning. You have read our posts seen pictures of some of our messed up plumbing. So You know were not going to look down on how you do it. And we might just be able to learn from each other.

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    Re: Ridgid forum in Russia

    Black, white, Irish, Russian, young, and old, all our poop comes from the same place
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      Re: Ridgid forum in Russia

      anyone here know how meany countries read the Ridgid forum ? I have seen 2 that have post and now I know they read it in Russia I just got to wondering how meany there are of us out there. From what I understand they don't post In Russia because the translators makes it hard to read what they write. If that is the case I want them to know that us cleaners speak a universal language. If they talk about cleaning we can understand it. If they came from mars the first thing we would ask is. What you all use up there to clean your drain. I bet there isn't a cleaner here that couldn't understand them perfectly. Heck there isn't anyone here that don't know what shazbot means.


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        Re: Ridgid forum in Russia

        when you first log in there is a home page that ask what language and country.
        there is more than 1 ridgid forum going on

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Ridgid forum in Russia

          I can see Russia from my house