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K400 vs. K3800?

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  • K400 vs. K3800?

    Any experience with both or opinions on specs and operation?

    Thanks for all input.


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    Re: K400 vs. K3800?

    I've used 3800 for 10 years. Have 3 drums: 5/16, 3/8, 1/2. I like it. Use it on roofs, all sorts of things. Bought a 60 to replace it, but still use it a lot--especially inside. Only complaint is that it's hard to get all 90' of the 1/2" into the drum. Very happy with it.


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      Re: K400 vs. K3800?

      I use the K3800 every week. In general I use the K3800 for inside the house and the K1500 for outside.

      In my area, the K3800 doesn't do well on roots. Neither does the K400. Nobody in my shop uses the the K400, it just sits there.

      I feel the K3800 is nice because you can use one driver and have other drums of different sized cable. It is also easy to get into the house.

      Word of caution. Make sure the rubber feet are on the K3800 or you will be buying someone a new floor.
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        Re: K400 vs. K3800?

        the 400 is a high end homeowner machine and the 3800 is the commercial version.

        the 3800 has the gear reduced motor and swivel drum assembly.

        phoebe it is