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  • Ridgid K-39AF

    I have a new Ridgid K-39AF that I bought to use for a habitual kitchen drain that gets plugged by the garbage disposal. The question I have is about the so called clutch. If I look down between the handgrip and the frontof the drum, I can see two clamp springs with grease on them. I also have a spiral ring that is between the drum face and the spings clamps. It is just hanging there at the plastic base and seems like it should be attched somewhere. Looking at the parts diagram it is #19 and it should be in front of the springs. Can anybody look at theirs and confirm for me?

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      Re: Ridgid K-39AF

      it's a feature that i think will eventually disapear

      i've found that the spring fingers slip under load and the extra length of the feeder can be shortened by eliminating the useless fingers.

      now if you want the best of both worlds, add an optional chuck to the front of the auto feed assembly to allow for getting 100% of the cable to spin and also allow it to get into the ruff traps. the chuck will normally remain open until needed.

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      have it ready for roundup time so we can take it for a drive

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        Re: Ridgid K-39AF

        I figured out the K-39 problem I was having. It appears that the grip is held onto a metal tube underneath it. There is a circular spring clip that is in the front and rear of the plastic grip. The rear spring clip came off the grove of the metal piece which basically allowed me to pull the plastic handle towards the drum, but the metal tube underneath it that pushes down on the metal clips stayed put.
        Got it tore apart and put back together in about 10 minutes, and took it to the problem in my drain and cleared that up as well in about 10 minutes since I could now put pressure to the cable. Last night when I thought I had the clutch engaged it was pushing the cable back into the drum. I guess at 3 AM you don't think as well!