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  • general MAXI ROOTER

    I know this is a ridgid fourm but has anybody had any luck or just info on generals MAXI ROOTER or should I look at the K-7500


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    Re: general MAXI ROOTER

    toolaholic owns 1

    but truthfully a ridgid 7500 is top of the line for many reasons.

    i own 2

    ridgid is in your backyard and the support you'll get here and from them is priceless.

    of course you can dump the maxirooter idea and get a k-60 sectional

    phoebe it is


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      Re: general MAXI ROOTER

      I used general drums before I got my 7500 they had plenty of power and there cable was a lot better then Ridgid or electric eel's the only problem I had was the bolts kept falling out and the belt would slip on the metal drum so I had to replace it more often and I like the Ridgid plastic drum it wont rust through.


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        Re: general MAXI ROOTER

        I have one and it is top of the line for general, cable great, motor great, chasis solid, stair rollers and loading wheel, easy change feed bearings but and I mean but the reverse is really slow and not a good system they give ratings at it's speed in reverse but it is really slow and weak, when my chance comes I will buy the rigid 7500 after I get a real honest opinion on it's reverse power when your 150 ft out. So good machine but has it's problems.
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          Re: general MAXI ROOTER

          I have the Maxi rooter , Sure like mine, Plenty of power. But am hack carpenter that uses it seldom. Never used the big ridgid. You might say" I only use it for recreation" .
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            Re: general MAXI ROOTER

            thanks just not sure, big investment for me and want to make a good choice.


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              Re: general MAXI ROOTER

              General and Ridgid are my favorites although I havent been exposed to many other brands, the general alway worked well for me as did a ridgid keep in mind Ridgid support is second to none where as General leaves quite a bit to be desired.....


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                Re: general MAXI ROOTER

                I used general at an old job and found that they needed alot of maintenance

                I use ridgid for most tools - pipe threader, seesnake, wrenches, wet/vac

                i use gorlitz machines


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                  Re: general MAXI ROOTER

                  I have a few generals (speedrooter 91, powervee, supervee) and I like what I've seen so far. Though I don't really use any of them that often
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