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  • Waders?

    All Clear's post about the septic basement got me to thinking. Do all of you guys carry waders on your trucks. If no how do you tackle jobs where you literally have to walk through a pool of poo?


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    Re: Waders?

    I always carry knee-high rubber boots. I only have to use them about once/year though , usually when digging in really wet mud.
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      Re: Waders?

      I use knee highs, but rarely

      In that flooded basement situation, I would either pump it out, or work from a vent or commode on the level above it.

      We don't have many basements, because we're below sea level.
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        Re: Waders?

        See "Oldest Pump Truck" thread.



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          Re: Waders?

          My waders stay at the shop till needed but I always carry knee-high rubber boots on the truck.
          We pumped the basement before working in it but we did have to walk in the left overs

          One thing to keep in mind when working in stuff like this is that you could get shocked or electricuted
          Also consider that the Amperage will kill you if you are not careful, one amp is enough to kill you.


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            Re: Waders?

            We have knee high boots on the trucks, but with that much in the basement we would pump it out before clearing the line.


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              Re: Waders?

              I always have my knee highs on the van.
              I get a fair amount of these as most underdrain systems are tied in with the sewer, so it's mostly ground water.

              If I see too many hazards(wires etc) I'll call a pumper truck. If I don't have a safe working area to use power tools I'll try a blow bag to get it drained and then snake it.

              I also have cow gloves for the deep plunge.
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                Re: Waders?

                None of you get paid enough!
                I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                  Re: Waders?


                  i like to feeeeel my work.



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                    Re: Waders?

                    Knee highs in truck but don't use them very much, usually my boots with ScotchGuard handle most deals.
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                      Re: Waders?

                      rubber boots are in the truck. usually just a flooded basement with potable water. waste typically doesn't get too high. and i would either pump or go from an outside location to clear it first.

                      most of the waste is inside a ditch so it's brown and muddy anyways

                      phoebe it is


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                        Re: Waders?

                        Wow, I use stilts like the drywall guys

                        Not really, just waders...


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                          Re: Waders?

                          knee high rubber boots are always in the van. we have high water tables and all basements. when the sump pump quits working the ground water can come up fast. Even with a city backup I don't see sewage up that high very often but it does happen.