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  • The competition

    I wasn't on site for this one, got the story from my tech.

    Kitchen sink, a property management company we do kind of a lot of work for. Don't know why we weren't called in the first place... maybe the usual tennant/h.o./h.o.a./etc crossup.

    Anyway my guy gets there and someone has

    - poured a chemical so caustic into the sink it has corroded the ss sink to the point it's got to be replaced

    - snaked via the p-trap and sprayed black not just all over the inside of the cabinet, but all over the whole kitchen, staining many things

    -removed the disposer for some reason, and coincidentally there is a disposer size round black stain on a nice rug in the dining room, 15' away from the sink

    - failed to clear the clog

    He calls in and makes sure they know about the damage, jets the sink line, opens it and packs up and gets gone. I know who gets called first the next time lol.
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    Re: The competition

    There you go.........................thats one of those $99 specials lol.