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  • Not Quite Routine...

    So we have this Mexican restaurant in town with a bad habit of letting too much grease through into the sanitary system. After being called there 3 times on an emergency basis each time, i talked the owner into having us come and jet the lines every three months.

    So today was the first of the three month maintenance program. I sent the camera down first thing to see how we looked and it was bad.

    We pushed out from inside the building toward a on property manhole before it ties into the city main. I passed through the manhole and hit a blockage i could not get past. This made no sense since the sewer was not backed up and showed no signs of being slow.

    We set up outside for better access and found the the 6" clay tile had been crushed out under the highway and had fallen into the pipe.

    I notified the city boys and they agreed that if i blew the chunks of tile out to them they would drag the debris back with the vac truck to a manhole down the road.

    After jetting we found a huge hole in the side of the pipe and a VERY large void behind it. We will be going back next week to patch the section of pipe with our trenchless point repair system.

    We thought it was going to be a quick routine maintenance cleaning.

    It will be our 3rd patch job this year so far!

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    Re: Not Quite Routine...

    jake, please post photos for us

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Not Quite Routine...

      Sounds like you guys are still keeping busy. Good stuff.


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        Re: Not Quite Routine...

        Excellent work. Preventative maintenance, sewer repairs, high-powered jetting, video-inspections...sounds like you are doing everything possible to be the best drain-cleaner in town! I hope to get my company to your level someday, Jake.
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          Re: Not Quite Routine...

          Here is the video from yesterday. Boy does a video get grainy after going thru a ripper, converter and an upload to Youtube!

          Its kind long but it shows the break pretty good. It was cold out and we were in a hurry since it turned out to NOT be a routine cleaning. Sorry for the bad filming job. It's usually better than this and we add text most of the time.

          I will post an after video when we patch it over next week weather permitting.

          Anyway, here it is: