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Toilet back up

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  • Toilet back up

    I need help!!!! We have elderly people who live with us and the toilet is always backing up. We purchased a 6' Rigid Heavy Duty Toilet Auger and it still did not clear it. There are no little children so nothing other than what should go down there went. Is the problem that the Auger is not long enough and can you get extensions for them? We don't know what we are doing wrong. Can anyone help

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    Re: Toilet back up

    Got some good answers right here +


    Pronounced A-Bear Drain Care

    I know, it doesn't make sense.


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      Re: Toilet back up

      Have a Pro look at it or buy a new Toilet. Now dont buy one from Lowes or Homedpot get a real one from a plumber


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        Re: Toilet back up

        My guess is there is a T in the line instead of what is suppose to be in there and they put wet naps in or adult liners down. Your not getting down far enough or you have lime build up in the toilet or one is constipated and has hard stools. I would call a pro. but you can try a wet vac. with rags wrapped around the end to form an air tight seal and suck it out of the line make sure you plug the over flow pipe in the water tank so it doesn't suck air. If it doesn't work you should call the pro. giving a toilet an acid bath to clean the lime and calcium out is dangerous and should be done by a pro. I admire the way you try to do it yourself and save money but some times it can be cheaper to call the pro. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and wind up costing you more then you could save. It looks like the pro. is not doing anything very hard some times just put the auger in and open it. But in his mind he is checking out the plumbing to see if it will hold up, making a diagnoses of what it could be checking where people and things are so he doesn't hurt anything figuring the most cost effective way to get things working wright. The labor is only a small part of the job most of the hard work is in the mind. He is working for you, trying to get the work done the best he can at the lest expense to you. What is worth the extra expense.