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    We operate a septic pumping and repair business in the state of O'Malley (md.). We also pump grease traps of all sizes. Some no more than 20 gallons, others as big as 1500 gallons. Grease pumping is a profit center, but we are in a very competitive area for it. We have no problems disposing of it at the local land fill. We just pull in and hook up to their receiver and let it rip. We have a 06 IHC 4400 with 2500 gallon tank. We charge the same for a twenty gallon trap as we do for a 1000 gallon tank. We rap up more time stretching 2" hose through the restaurants and dissassembling the smaller traps to get them clean than pulling up next to an underground tank and agitating it then throwing in a 3" hose and sucking it dry. Either way, with a modern vacuum truck, it is very quick and easy. Of course we do have a higher disposal overhead with the larger tanks, but less time involved. The smaller tanks are very profitable. It takes about thirty minutes for the smaller traps and fifteen for the larger ones. As far as the lines backing up, if it is a reccurring problem, Cape Cod Chemical markets a chemical that will break down grease like there is no tommorrow.
    It does really stink up the truck and the shop it is parked in. We try to do all the grease pumping in the morning and septics in the afternoon to wash out the smell of the grease. Thats right, I did say the grease smells so bad that we use septage to kill the odor!