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  • Drum traps

    I have a customer with slow tub drain through a drum trap.I don't do a lot of drain cleaning and i can't get the cover off the drum.Should I just put the snake in and clean out what I can with a few passes,most of the hair and junk will be sitting in the bottom of the drum right?

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    Re: Drum traps

    No way the customer will let you change the trap out?....n the long run you will be doing them a huge favor


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      Re: Drum traps

      This is in a condo and the owner downstairs is miserable plus this is a 80 year old building with some kind of stamped panel ceilings.


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        Re: Drum traps

        Can you get at it to drill the cover and take the sawsall to it.Realtite covers fit most I have seen real nice.2 1/2 or 3" plug.Otherwise take 1/4" cable and run it into the trap it self and hopefully the vent runs by where you can get at it and cut into it for access and snake down it.This will handle 90 percent of the line.If none of that is an option then the trap will have to go and you will need to talk to the condo association and plead your case.What you are doing is a permanent fix and a one time inconvienience.
        These stamped panels can be redone.Matching them.....?
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          Re: Drum traps

          General Kinetic Water Ram or

          1/4 inch cable from overflow to drum trap or

          Have to get cap off and run from there upstream and downstream w/ cable

          Try to get cap to spin with hammer and chisel or drill hole in the top, sawzall to the side, and peel out. Be careful not to break the threads, so you can replace the cap.

          Let them know the risks, the downstairs neighbor might not have a choice in the matter if your cable, air pressure, or forcing cap off breaks that 80 year old galvanized pipe.

          The only good choice here is either to replace or be happy with what drainage chemicals gives them.
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            Re: Drum traps

            You really should change the trap. It will most likely have to be done sooner than later anyway.

            Here are some pics of me and my guy CJ changing one out and having some fun. We were replacing a drum trap and installing a new tub waste.

            Cj thought the old brass tub waste looked like a phone I guess. He said the call was for me.
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