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Here is a short jetting video

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  • Here is a short jetting video

    This is a short jetting video.
    This line was my hardest I ever have done, some history of the job.
    Little tiny cottage house 100 years old, had a 6" line 175' to sewer.
    No clean out, toilet access was not an option someone used an offset flange so there was only 2.5" max of opening. Vent was tried with k60 but it just bounced off first clog at around 25' in, pulled about 5 gallons of roots from roof but made little forward progress. If roof was flatter k60 might have made better progress but it was a dangerous roof and situation. Ran camera out with sonde turned on to mark the spot a cleanout should be installed. When cleanout was going in 8' of 6" pipe was so packed I could not believe it. Replaced the 8' of line while there, then began jetting but too much water was returning to the house, began snaking with drum snake and 4" root saw. Filled up about 10 gallons of roots was very slow going to finally punch all the way to the city sewer. Began jetting to wash out line then camered line with Fullsize seesnake. Could not use the stars as there was still too many roots and they got hung up. Jetted the seperated seams over and over. I could have used a 1/2 " warthog but I only have a 3/8" because I usually do 3"-4" lines in the city. Total time spent on job 16 hours. Owner of house lived in Hawaii and said "We lived there 20 years and never have had a problem" I said you need a new sewer line he wanted snaking. I think I will be returning once a year on this one.
    Video link
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    Re: Here is a short jetting video


    don't you also own a root ranger.

    i would think the root ranger would cut better. all back 0 degree impact.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Here is a short jetting video

      To use the root ranger I use the 5gpm machine which I didn't have just my big one. I tried turning down the rpm's and using it but even with the side pipe on the root ranger it would not feed out in the 6" pipe kept getting stuck trying to turn back.
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