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  • I tried to tell them

    House bought out of forcloser and empty for about 6 months.

    Call to clean a 4 inch from garage cleanout to street. The manhole is at 90 feet out. I hit roots at 65 feet just as their driveway hits the street. I work on this for about an hour, remove some narly roots and then my cutter keeps getting bound up. I switch blade a couple of times, but it's feeling really mechanical at this point and I suggest running a camera. The Customer asked how much that will be and I tell them my price. I usually try to give package deals, but the Customer balks. I tell them that I'm not going to risk getting my cable stuck for good. Fortunately, they pay me my initial fee, I tell them to seriously consider camera/locating and I go home.

    About 3 hours later one of the Customers call me and ask if I'll come back with at no extra charge. I tell him that I can't do that, but I'm quite fair in my pricing for both camera and further cleaning. He gets upset, starts cussing me out and states that he's going to complain to the city. I told him that was his choice, but I'm offering my services at very reasonable price.

    The next day, the other co-owner calls to say that they should have listened to me. They went out and rented a snake and broke it off in the line. I stated that I really wanted to avoid that and that I felt xtremly bad for this. The Customer also apologized for the other co-owner stating that he was just "really upset". After taking a beating from the first co-owner I didn't feel like being set up or taking more crap. I give them the number for a very expensive big truck drain & plumbing company.

    I hope things go well for them

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    Re: I tried to tell them

    It’s just like buying a toll you will use every day, buy cheap, pay twice. Cheap out once and pay over and over again.
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      Re: I tried to tell them

      Not a good day for them. In all honesty~ it is hard to sometimes know what is reasonable charges and what is not. Not all people in the world are as honest as you are.


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        Re: I tried to tell them

        i run the camera on virtually every line job at the same rate as for cleaning. i only charge more if i need to make or they request a video of the pipe. i figure i add between 15 - 30 minutes to the job. i have peace of mind the line is clear, the client sees the condition of the pipe and any problems, they are happy with my thuroughness, and i get good feedback and referals.

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