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  • Keep your eyes pays!!!

    We were on our way to camera a restaurant today and drive by a Citibank and see 2 guys standing over a storm drain in the parking lot. They had pieces of rebar and some other metal objects and seemed to be trying to poke at something in the manhole.

    I asked CJ "did you see those guys over there? Lets go back and see what the heck they are doing".

    I whipped a quick u turn and headed back. As we pulled in one of the guys started pointing at the van while getting the others attention. I pulled up and the guy said you look like just the guys we need to talk to.

    I asked what the problem was and he explained that the roof drains were backed up and the roof of the building was flood with 6" of water and he believed it was frozen just up line from the manhole. They had been chipping out chunks of ice all morning and only made it in a few feet.

    I told him it needed to be jetted and we could handle it for him. He agreed to the price and hired us on the spot.

    We had to go back and get our trailer jet for the next job anyway so it worked out just fine.

    I am always looking for the next opportunity. If I see a plumbing or excavating truck in a parking lot, I leave a card on the window. If I see guys on a job, I will stop to introduce myself and leave a card. If I see a situation such as I did today and no other service company is already there, I stop to offer assistance.

    There are endless possibilities available if you just look for them I guess.

    Turns out this guy manages properties all over the Chicago land area and has been looking for a reliable service provider for sewer and drain maintenance.

    Keep your eyes pays!!!

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    Re: Keep your eyes pays!!!

    Definitely good advice. I try to do the same. Not as good at it yet as you JR though. I'm learning from you.



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      Re: Keep your eyes pays!!!

      Really glad you guys are doing so well Jake. Pays off to be opportunistic in rough economic times.



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        Re: Keep your eyes pays!!!

        Ambulance chaser.

        Just kidding. I do it too.


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          Re: Keep your eyes pays!!!

          Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
          Ambulance chaser.
          Preying on the weak
          INSIGHT PIPE is now Maine Drain Serving most of ME with no charge for travel! 207-431-6232 is nolonger a working # our NEW # is 207-355-1476
          Sewer main snaking (roto rooting). Sink clogs. Sewer backup. Pipe inspection/locating. No Dig trenchless repair. Root clog removal.We are NOT to replace your local Plumber, as we do not do plumbing. WE ARE YOUR DRAIN CLEANING EXPERTS!!! waterville winslow bangor augusta skowhegan fairfield pittsfield oakland


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            Re: Keep your eyes pays!!!


            In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!