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    Re: That's why we're in your neighborhood

    Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post

    But it might be worth it to you Rick. They might see that you've installed your tankless all wrong and help you with it.

    I would laugh myself silly if the guy looked at the tankless install and said it screamed of DIY
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      Re: That's why we're in your neighborhood

      Here is a way I bet some one else will pick up the tab for it, Call in a TV under cover investigation team, and have them video the process of what the sales man says and so on, help them make a good story on TV, it should be great adverstisment for the $99 company.

      and help educate the consumer
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: That's why we're in your neighborhood

        i'd say go for it, but 1st run your camera to have a verifiable condition BEFORE thay come in.

        i'd chip in $10.00 also

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          Re: That's why we're in your neighborhood

          Hey Rick,

          OK - Let me first say I luv and respect you and your business, BUT!

          You should now realize how IMPORTANT a BLOG is!

          Even if you started it as "RICKS HOME BLOG" AND WARNED your neighbors and friends,

          I mean I just recently saw you asking "who wants my cherry" on an internet video with your wife and friends,.plus your here on this forum, might as well fight back and get these guys, don't be scared of the internet or owning a website. Make a difference,


          You can right now go to :

          Ireport , wordpress or even blogger <100% FREE and register in 3 seconds and make a post and start emailing it to your clients new stations , etc .

          The internet can be very powerful to stop these crooks!

          Ask Dunbar, Ask ALL clear, ASK service guy, ask JOSH, ask anyone, the way to make a difference is now digital......

          "calling" 'anit gunna' do squat, making a blog and doing some CNN Ireports will make a HUGE impact.

          Just my advice if you seriously want to make a difference, then again this could have just been a conversational "what if I did something" thread.....

          Taking ACTION is the key to change things.......
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            Re: That's why we're in your neighborhood

            Originally posted by MrsSeatDown View Post
            I'm keeping the number for those shoemaker moments.
            Hah!! Crack me up!! I love it!!
            I'm on "The List" and I love it!!


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              Re: That's why we're in your neighborhood

              Originally posted by MrsSeatDown View Post
              There is only one problem with this. Perhaps it is cause you never met Rick in person. He could never sit by quietly and not tell the guy how his equipment is better and more abundant

              It would be funny to see the look on the guys face. I can't watch and not laugh though.

              We would both blow our cover.
              Are you volunteering to do the watching and making the call? You do everything just lock Rick up in the bedroom with the "impresionator!"