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Are you sharp enough??

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  • Are you sharp enough??

    Do you guys sharpen your cutters?

    Teeth on the sawtooth cutters, edges on the 2 and 4 blades?

    I sharpen my root tools with a dremel and they work better IMO.

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Are you sharp enough??

    I try to run a big enough blade to scrape the side of the pipe, but I've never sharpened the blades.

    Didn't think it was necessary, but I've been wrong before.


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      Re: Are you sharp enough??

      I paint my blades black to see where they are being worn when I very first start the unclog, and yes I sharpen them slowly and use water to keep them cool while doing so.
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        Re: Are you sharp enough??

        I sharpen mine with a Dremel when they get dull, but I've noticed they don't hold an edge as well, once sharpened.

        Cuda what do you use to sharpen with water?
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          Re: Are you sharp enough??

          I use a pair of sharktooth cutters together on the same bolt.
          I have an old one on the outside to use as a sacrificial part and then the good one on the inside which doesn't get worn away by the constant wearing on the inside of the earthernware pipe.
          I haven't had any troubles with this set up and the inside cutters stays sharper for a lot longer.



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            Re: Are you sharp enough??

            I've never bothered... maybe I should... but then I never clean my cables either lol.
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              Re: Are you sharp enough??

              I also sharpen my blades with a dremel carbide cutter. I used to use the pink chainsaw sharpener bits but found it took to much time. The carbide bit cuts so quick that it doesn't even heat the metal up.

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                Re: Are you sharp enough??

                I use a $32 carbide bit on my Milwaukee self-feed bits and they seem to do a pretty good job.

                Thanks to nails, I'm not ever going to have my bits professionally sharpened, ever.
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                  Re: Are you sharp enough??

                  i too sharpen my cutters, but with a die grinder. much faster than a dremel.

                  also do the black paint to see the wear and scraping marks.

                  sears sells a wet tool grinder for about $30. it runs slow and cool.

                  phoebe it is