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  • Just missed it!

    There is a big resort here where I do a lot of work. They're divided into 3 maintenance groups. We've always done the sewer work for one, started picking up the second a year or 2 ago, and have never been able to break into the third. There's enough work in that third group it'd push us over the top to a third person in the field, and I'd love to get it.

    Got the call tonight one of their buildings was backed up. Kind of smelled the scenario as the night manager is new so he called the wrong company; the night calls all get run through one person. Hurried over there and got called off 5 min from the building. Almost got the chance to get my foot in the door. Went on over to check it out and shake a hand or two, etc. It was cake. I passed the guy who has that work on the road on the way out. I'd have had it cleared and been cleaning up by the time he got there. Passed out a card, told them no charge, don't worry about it, let me do some work for you sometime.

    I'd love to get in there. Don't really want to steal it and make bad blood, especially in this economy, but I just had to try. I'll just keep doing what I do... I'll get that foot in one day and it'll just be that much sweeter when I do.
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    Re: Just missed it!

    I'd have done the same. If they allowed you to do the work while waiting on their guy, you waved off any pay, and handed out your card with a smile and "call me sometime", I'd say no harm done. I'll be the guy they did call charged them for a service call. Thanks, David