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Replacing bushings (sleeve & guidetube) K-400

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  • Replacing bushings (sleeve & guidetube) K-400

    My new Ridgid K-400 arrived with shattered black plastic bushings, both front and rear of the drum. I have ordered replacement bushings and intend to replace them myself. The manual while is very detailed in safety and operation it is limited in repair and removal of drum, and other parts (although, the parts and diagrams are detailed well).

    I intend to remove the cable so there won't be too much weight. Then remove the drum, install the replacement bushings replacing drum,belt and then the cable.

    I was hoping somebody on this forum would provide some tips, cautions etc. Would certainly welcome helpful advice from someone who has done this before.

    I live in a remote rural area and don't want to transport it to a distant repair facility. The parts are cheap only $28.40 for both bushings, the three screws for the tube guide bushing, and shipping. For specifics, the parts are: Ridgid 27543 Sleeve Bushing and 27448 Guide Tube Bushing.

    Thanks for any information provided.

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    Re: Replacing bushings (sleeve & guidetube) K-400

    here is a link to the parts breakdown.

    looks like just a scredriver and some open end wrenches.

    why not file a claim with the shipper?

    are you sure the mating surface of the drum is not damaged?

    was the cable in the drum while shipped? usually they ship the cable in a separate box.

    if you need real assistance, the guys at ridgid tech services should be able to walk you through.

    welcome to the forum. stick around for the ride.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Replacing bushings (sleeve & guidetube) K-400

      Thanks Plumber Rick, I have filed a claim with UPS for the shattered parts. Yes the cable was already in the drum. One of my concerns is removing the cable from the drum, with the shattered bushings, the rotation of the drum is kind of erratic. I assume the drum is to be rotated as the cable is played, I planned to just rotate it by hand and pulling the cable out as I rotat it.


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        Re: Replacing bushings (sleeve & guidetube) K-400

        Parts arrived last week, replaced, and now machine is like new.