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Running traps, Whole house traps

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    Re: Running traps, Whole house traps

    Originally posted by NYSEWERMAN View Post
    In new york all fixtures are trapped a swell as main house trap. Most house traps are in a in garage / basement area have a street side and house side cleanout access as wrench spinner mentioned and make for pretty easy cleaning. I think they're excellent.
    So the benefit is to the drain cleaner, not the homeowner.


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      Re: Running traps, Whole house traps

      Originally posted by Gene Bickford View Post
      Back in the day (dates????)the "whole house" was trapped via the "whole house" trap. Each fixture was not trapped as we do now.

      Whole house traps are not installed now. I'd guess (and this is just a guess) the practice stopped in the 40's????????

      Check that!!!!
      I just remembered doing homes built in the 70's with whole house traps.
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        Re: Running traps, Whole house traps

        how does that work with venting? here we have to vent the entire house so it matches the nominal size of the sewer exiting the building this helps with the city sewer.
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