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  • 1750 Jetter

    KJ 1750 Anyone have one and are they good? Do they plug in regular outlet? Mostly will be doing jett jobs up to 4" Thanks
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    Re: 1750 Jetter

    anything beyond 2'' is like pi$$ing on a fire.

    remember that psi is not what really cleans and flushes the line. it's gpm that is what you need.

    2hp. will typically trip a 20 amp breaker under load and 1.4gpm, i can pi$$ more than that.

    my couple of electric jetters are 2h.p 1500 psi and 2.1gpm.

    sure if the line is plastic, you can probably was is out. but so will a $20 garden hose.

    in the real world, you need a minimum 13h.p 3000# 4 gpm unit to do 4'' pipe. look into the kj-3000 for a start.

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      Re: 1750 Jetter

      agree; inadequate for over 2"
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