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My toilet bubbles and is slow draining too!?

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  • My toilet bubbles and is slow draining too!?

    We have 4 bathrooms. The only one with a problem is the one closest to the septic tank. I've heard bubbling a couple of times and it doesn't flush cleanly. Drains and other toilets work fine. We had a houseful of company for two weeks. They left a week ago. Not sure if that is part of the cause or not. It didn't start giving us problems until after they left. Is a plumber the only way to solve the problem? I put half a bottle of Liquid Plummer in the toilet
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    Re: My toilet bubbles and is slow draining too!?

    Asking plumbers to recommend something other than plumbers?
    No Liquid plumber... If you used it tell the plumber you hire that you did. Don't want him to be injured.
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      Re: My toilet bubbles and is slow draining too!?

      If, as I surmise from your post, this is on the lowest level of the house, then it could be a main line issue, could be a problem with the septic system, or could be just a plugged toilet.

      Is the toilet affected in anyway by using water in the rest of the house? bubbling? filling up the bowl from water usage elsewhere? is there a shower or tub or floor drain in that bathroom? if so is that drain affected as well? if not, it is likely just the toilet or the short section of pipe serving only that toilet.... call a drain cleaner or a plumber who does drain cleaning

      If it is affected by other water usage in the house, it is likely a mainline or a septic system problem. I'd suggest find your tank and open the lids to it and check the water level there... at the end of the tank near the house you should find a 4" diameter pipe coming from the house into the tank. The water level in the tank should be lower than the bottom of this pipe.

      if it is, have someone flush in the house and see if you can hear the flush in the pipe at the tank and if the water comes rolling out a minute later... if not, you probably have a clog in the line from the house to the tank. This will need to be professionally addressed. by a drain cleaner or a plumber who does drain cleaning

      If the water in the tank is higher thn the pipe cming in, you have a problem on the outlet side of the system, which will also need to be professionally addressed, but likely a plumber is not who you'll need; you'll need a septic professional.

      It could be the case that the extra usage when your guests were in town has just temporarily overwhelmed an already marginal system and giving it a rest will help.
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