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  • archive your video?

    how long do you archive the videos you shoot on a job?

    keep the master? xfer to disc? backup on computer? never once the job is over?

    i'm getting a decent collection of master discs (all on rewritable DVDs and would like to recycle the discs instead of buying new ones

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    Re: archive your video?

    steve, i let the customer or plumber who hired me hold the original. i take my notes and put the info on my bill. i ndo make a dvd copy for jobs that might be interesting down the road, or jobs that will get into legal issues.

    good point. it would be nice to archive everything so in the field i can access my notes. right now all my cheat notes are on my computer with my invoices. adding a video clip of the good parts would make for an easy review of the problem areas.

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      Re: archive your video?

      I have the monitor/vcr and dvd direct. I record on dvd and vhs at the same time, keep the vhs, and give the customer the dvd.

      This is getting old though and I put in for a demo of the new dvdpak.

      If I buy the dvdpak or minipak with my dvddirect I'll retire the heavy vcr and just give the customer the dvd. I have a lot of space on my full page invoices to draw a diagram of the home and notes on any problems and distances for future references.

      Problem jobs and/or customers or other situations where it seems necessary I will make two copies on dvd.
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        Re: archive your video?

        We keep a CD copy of every job we do. You never know when someone might need a copy.