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    Re: Take a Chance What is it

    Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
    Exactly what kind of sectionals did you use to use? Electric eel? The majority of sectionals lose all tension when you lift the handle because there's nothing in contact with the cable.

    I'm talking about when you have a sectional stuck in a pipe, and you use the machine to rewind back.

    Ridgid-Kollman that was a tripod setup, used one for years before I saw the light.

    The electric eel I used once and if it wasn't mine I would of thrown it in a river like a dead body.

    There was only one rental yard around, close by and the sectional machines was all I used.

    And for the record, I was healthy and strong back then, almost indestructible.

    I got sick and tired of carrying those cages, got sick and tired of watching the back side of that cable when I couldn't have more in the drain than out, got tired of having to clean those cables constantly because a charge would apply if I turned them back dirty.

    I used those machines the most, so I always got the "good" cables that were tucked away and not in the rotation. I was speshal like that to them.

    Clog at 100' means:

    Connecting almost 6-15' sections together and reeling the cable out of the cages, not through the machine first and pushing till you can't push no more.

    If you start getting into more than 3 or 4 turns of direction, then you're going to need the assistance of the machine at that point. Corkscrewing the cable around the turns.

    Once you get all of it in, work at getting it open now that you're threaded through the machine. If you're going after roots, that "get it all in one shot" is not a plausible one because you can ball the end and never pull back through fittings if it's big enough.

    Just typing that brings back bad feelings of days where I'd grab a ton of roots and literally be stuck in the drain, pulling my guts out for fear I just bought an underground dig.

    Now I'm doing two things: Unhooking all these cables in most times a super small bathroom, the cage is filling up with leaking, **** covered cables and any tampons/pantiliners/roots...anything has to be cleaned before returning. As I mentioned, I rented this machine and they gave me new cables all the time that only I would I wasn't dealing with bad cables, unless I messed them up myself which I did a few times.

    I believe 3 15' sections to a "think" you got that drain clear and you do a hydro flush of the system and it backs up again.

    Now you're taking all that cable back out of the cages, wet, smelly and it's getting everywhere and pushing it all back in to the bad spot, mainly taking it all back out with your body.

    Back in the cages, cleaning it as you go, customer looking at you like the job is far more laborious than the charge implemented.

    When I cleared that main last night with my 300, I never two handed the cable at all, let the machine do everything. The customer winced at the charge even though I priced it first *flat rate* because it went so smooth, no cables capable of hitting the walls or trying to lay out tarps everywhere. All I needed was a piece of cardboard under the machine so I didn't damage the linoleum. That's it.

    That constant spinning of that cable in my hands, even today is why I have numbness in the hands.

    I would of killed to have knowledge of power-fed drum machines my entire plumbing career, I really do. I remember the first 1065 I saw...loud as sin and looked dangerous, but the machine was doing everything and this guy's hardest job was getting it in the van.

    I don't "hate" sectionals, I just cannot let the machine abuse me anymore.
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      Re: Take a Chance What is it

      I'm not sure if I understand your stance on sectionals. So what you're trying to say is...............

      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Take a Chance What is it

        I have problems getting the funnel retrievers in a line where I have to go through a toilet bend.I suspect a 3" cleanout would be out of the question.


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          Re: Take a Chance What is it

          Click image for larger version

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          I think it looks like one of these


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            Re: Take a Chance What is it

            Congress !
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .