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I need a jetter hose!!!!

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  • I need a jetter hose!!!!


    Its getting close to that time to replace my mainline jetter hose. Imma need 400 feet of 1/2inch hose. My machine is 12gpm General...i got a price quote from one company for $950 for the same type of hose.I heard that Parker hose is good......any thoughts,comments on this? the parker hose price cheaper than the $950 General jetter hose.


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    Re: I need a jetter hose!!!!

    no experience with 1/2"

    I use paker hose, believe it is 918c... orange hydraulic hose, about $2/ft in 1/4". Lasts a year or two for me. Id be guessing but thats prabably 200-300 jobs.
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      Re: I need a jetter hose!!!!

      Here it is $2.00 per foot for 1/2" but it is only rated to 3000psi which should work for you or spend $2.50 per foot for 4000 psi.
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        Re: I need a jetter hose!!!!

        There are two other companies you may want to try. "" and Capital Rubber (630) 595-6644.
        I just received my 3/8" by 200' 4,000 psi Piranha hose ordered from Abbott but shipped from the manufacturer. With shipping and sales tax (I paid tax due to Abbott being in the same state as I am located) the price was the lowest I could find, $1.19 a foot.
        BTW the hose you are looking for was lower at the EPA Sales website.


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          Re: I need a jetter hose!!!!

          check out aqua mole
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