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It finally happened to me

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    Re: It finally happened to me

    I haven't wiped out a cable in a long time, but I'm running with two cables right now with hard bends at 32' that suck!

    It's a great marker though for distance, and whips the inside of the drain really well knowing it's cleaning the pipe, along with the whip I've bent in the end of the cable.
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      Re: It finally happened to me

      About 10 years ago I got my hands on a Rothenburger that spun the 7/8" and 1 1/4" cable with out any changes to the jaws. I decided to run the 7/8" cables for a while since I was able to stuff five 15' lengths into one rand, and carry two rands for a total of 150'.

      I rodded many main sewers with the 7/8" cable with no problems what so ever for a couple years. Then one job, the cable flipped on it self rodding from a stack clean out. It was a pain in the you know what to get it back out but I was able to get it out in a few hours. Ever since then I have put the 7/8 cables in the garage and never touched them. I will stick with my 1 1/4" cables and my 3/4" drum machines for main sewer rods.
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        Re: It finally happened to me

        So what your saying it, I shouldnt use the K-60 on main lines because the cable is to small


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          Re: It finally happened to me

          don't know about you, but my k-60 with 7/8'' cable and 1- innercore front section. yesterday was 3- sewers with access to a 3'' c/o into a 6'' root stoppage x 105' and 2- 4'' x 6'' x 90' sewers with roots.

          the 1.25'' cable sees use maybe 5-10% of the time.

          phoebe it is