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    Re: Why do I always....

    Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
    Smack your head all you want, I don't have a problem moving a normal sized washer out of the way especially if the customer is unable to. I wasn't specifically referring to this job, just in general.
    So was I.

    Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
    Do you also go sit in you truck and have a snack while Mrs. Smith clears out the stuff from under the cabinet too or is that beneath you?
    Yes. It is beneath me. When a customer calls me to do plumbing work, it's natural assumption that I need clear access under that sink. I didn't come to a house to clean out cabinets, I was called out to clear drains. If it is full of stuff, I tell them I need it cleared because if you do it yourself, and something gets spilled or you move something around you shouldn't, you're going to get blamed for something that it was better they dealt with.

    Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
    If I bailed on every job just because a few things are in the way, I'd be doing a lot less jobs. I can't tell you how many I've done because the previous guy was too interested in chastising the customer about access.
    Then you should praising my attitude because indirectly I keep guys like you employed.

    My attitude is to hold the lazy customer accountable for what should of been done before I got there, period. My attitude is gauged by the gray hairs on my head and the million times I've been under sinks. The older you get, the more simple and efficient you become because it's a damn job like any other, no feeling special for those who are inattentive for calling a plumber thinking they magically can work in a full sink cabinet full of everything.

    What's awesome is the majority already think ahead and are conscious of this situation, and we're discussing the minority, not the average customer.

    Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
    Since I emphatically explain OVER THE PHONE that the drain in question needs to be accessible, I don't get many surprises. JC's pic is obviously a "call me back when it's accessible" or "I'm charging you extra to access the drain".

    We're in agreement with this, the very reason your quoting my statement for clarity. I've been there and it wasn't worth what I charged after giving a flat rate charge, thinking "oh I'll just let this one slide" attitude.

    Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post
    Trust me, you've posted you share of head slappers too. One of these days maybe you'll lean how to run that k-39 with ease instead of complaining that its impossible to use. I figured that one out years ago.

    This means you're an informed reader at this point. Keep reading because there's tons more where they came from. I'll never own a K-39 because I can bang out drains with my Spartan 81 every time, top down right through the basket strainer.

    Taking a job where I can stand and watch a cable thread itself through the drain while I stare and gaze aimlessly through the kitchen window as opposed to:

    losing my sight gauge of when I clear the clog, using two sinks with wastewater in them

    disconnecting the piping system not allowing me the comfort of standing

    on my knees with both hands on motion with one hand always feeding the cable and the other moving back and forth for forward motion

    worrying about that drum accidentally hitting the cabinet door or the center pillar, the bottom board or the base of that cabinet scuffing it because my arm and body got tired of holding the damn thing

    Accidentally getting hit by that moving drum tearing up your hands or grazing your arm which hurts, bad.

    I've been there, used it. That's not a light piece of equipment either as it's awkward since it's front heavy.

    I have a tendency to pull away from products that make my work a lot harder, and head towards products that allow me to be fat and lazy, banging drains open for the least amount of work and the highest rate of pay, without touching anything but the product in question, not organizing shelves or being that smiling plumber that will hang up your laundry on the clothesline along with putting dishes away.

    Expect me to be a plumber, nothing else when I come to a home and solve the problem. All the rest is get in the door tactics that I've already mastered.
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      Re: Why do I always....

      dunbar, just so I'm clear, I don't disagree with you on every point.

      17 years and yes I've also mastered drain cleaning to the point it's second nature. There's few jobs that trip me up if any. In fact, much of what gets talked about here I find unchallenging. Not that I'm conceded about it just that I've been there done that and developed my style a long time ago. When you do 30 to 50 drains and sell multiples on one job week in and week out, you get pretty efficient at it. I also enjoy the benfits of using equipment that does all the work while I'm standing around reading the quirky little bathroom quotes or shooting the breeze with the customer while my machine pulls the cable back with little more than one eye on it.
      I've never broke, flooded, scuffed, scratched or damaged any property -ever.

      I just can't understand someone like you with 25 years would complain about something you've supposedly mastered. Maybe you haven't quite mastered people yet? Maybe I'm wrong. There shouldn't be much of anything you can't handle with ease including those customers that might not be quite as quick to think about what the plumber may or may not need moved out of the way
      FWIW, I don't often use my Milwaukee pistol grip (I don't like the k-39 either) I use a machine similar to the S81, on the ground while I stand. But when I do, I've got it down to a science little to no mess. To hell with disassembling pipes. That's too much work
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        Re: Why do I always....

        We're on the same page, I just have jaded views about everything.

        If I lay out calls for the day and I get surprises like cleaning out under sinks or having to disassemble shelving and moving washers and dryers?

        It expands the job on the time frame along with shortening my dead space between calls.

        If my first customer is a new lead, my second two are repeats, that first lead can screw up time frames for the 2nd and 3rd call just because someone didn't do their job in planning. If I only scheduled one call a day, then I wouldn't sweat it but I hate it with a passion with jobs expanding when they shouldn't. Especially when no extra money is involved.

        The problem I find with flat rate is they take your time as casual, figure "hey could you look at this while you're here" attitude and without being a prick, you just look at it just so you might line your pockets in the future.

        You lose buffer zones between calls real quick with these issues and I'd rather eliminate that customer than botch two good repeat one's respect for me on being timely.

        On the issues of damage to customer's property? There is absolutely no freaking way I can say I haven't damaged a customer's property. I've done it numerous times in regards to minor repairs and it's par for the course with me. I've broken customer's chairs, collapsed sink bases, crushed steps, broke railings, bashed holes into walls, all fwee of charge!~

        Things happen and I can't control it most times.

        I despise a job that involves anything aside from what I'm doing that's not plumbing related when that's what I was called out to do. Time killers that if I do it once, that customer will have me doing "other" things like frying bacon or getting their mail, picking up dog poop in the back yard.

        When I get rectal exams at the doctor's office, the doctor doesn't unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down for me. That's my job.

        If it's a good looking female nurse, all is forgiven.
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          Re: Why do I always....

          i have two tailpieces on lavs to fix today. same costumer. repeater. his first question was do i need to clean out under the sinks? i told him yes unless he wanted to pay me to do it. they will be cleaned. lol. i used to do a lot of restaurant work. had a set off joe bars. moved heavy stuff. i got paid there, i get paid here. breid


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            Re: Why do I always....

            Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
            Did you at least drop the panel on the stack unit to see if you could access the standpipe from the front?

            I've gotton lucky a few times doing it through the front but it's still a big PITA. Besides, if it were easy, everyone would be a plumber
            Everyone seems to have missed Crack's point. That panel between the washer and the dryer is removable and gives you access to behind the machine.

            "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

            I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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              Re: Why do I always....

              Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
              Everyone seems to have missed Crack's point. That panel between the washer and the dryer is removable and gives you access to behind the machine.

              It's my avatar isn't it

              That's why no one takes me seriously