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  • Do it your way

    Went to a job tonight that I had done before, I look the job over and see it is stopped the same as it was a year ago. He put the line in him self it starts out from the house as 4" and 15' from the tank he hooked it up to a 3" he had for a trailer so we got 4" to 3" not good! but he wont replace it. The line is 150' from the house CO. to the tank but from the 3" CO. it is maybe 15'. The last time we had to go in the 3" CO to get it open as the connection he put in wont let the cable go to the stoppage, so this time I try to go through the 3" CO first. The customer tells me there never was a clean out there and we never did it that way the last time he said he was there all the time we were working. I asked my son didn't we go through the 3" clean out the last time ? he said that was the way he remembers it. HO says no there is no place to get in to the pipe there I say well lets open the tank lid and check it and run it from there HO says no you didn't do it that way You went from the house clean out . Well we will run that line too but we want to get the water going first so it will wash out, again no You didn't do it that way the last time. So we drill down to the 3" and it is a dead stop no water moving we pull cable out put in blow bag and turn on water. HO comes running up saying water is coming up out of the ground went down with shovel and dug down and find the 3" CO. I run the 15' while my son is putting up the extra cable I get it open in 10 minutes HO asks why I didn't use that 3" CO first I just wrapped up, thanked him for the job, and after we got down the road I give my son a lesson on cussing and charging extra. Boy's do it your way your not doing you or your customers a good service if you don't.

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    Re: Do it your way

    it's like i tell my guys, if customers knew what in the hell they were talking about , we would not be there.


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      Re: Do it your way

      i've found that a good percentage of others diagnostic is wrong.

      i like to look and ask questions and come to my own conclusion.

      if i was there prior, all my notes and invoices are well documented on my laptop. 30 seconds and i can reprint any invoice from the last 10 years.

      when the customer becomes smarter than me, it's time to find a new career. i guess 33 years and i'm still at it. give me another 33 and maybe

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Do it your way

        I use to do that along with pic. of odd clean out locations or new lines and advised the HO to do the same thing. But it never did any good they still think it's there way or no way.


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          Re: Do it your way

          one of my old bosses once told me, "when the customer starts telling you how to do the job, pack up your tools and leave."

          i'll tell you GT, you have a lot more patience than me.