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  • Homemade grabber tool

    Same nursing home job I mentioned in an earlier post. Sent the camera down and found a piece of broken toilet in the line.

    I was able to push it to a cleanout where we treid several different methods to remove it through a 4" combo on its back. I have a set of grabbers from Harbor Freight but they were too small and short.

    As I sat there looking at the piece of 1/2" copper we were using as a hook....I had a great idea.

    Grab the icemaker tubing off the truck and some pipe grease so it would all slide and whalaaaa!!!! we have a long and very effective grabber!

    I slide the tubing through and bent some jaws and left some sticking out the top. It worked great!

    We also used it 2 other times during all the cleaning and jetting we did there. We removed a big rag and a tube of toothpaste.

    Check it out!
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    Re: Homemade grabber tool

    jake, you must be on a roll look at the time

    remember the grabbers that greg had at the roundup. i could use a pair every now and then.

    i believe ridgid also makes a grabber too

    nice job on the copper grabbers. just don't go grab live wires with it

    get to bed, the old-timers are expecting you in the morning

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Homemade grabber tool

      I can't stop the wheels turning and get to sleep for some reason.

      Here's the video:


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        Re: Homemade grabber tool

        A simple grabber is a piece of cord looped through a piece of pipe. Catch the object in the loop and pull the cords. Sash cord is good, but anything that will fit in a piece of whatever size pipe you're using is good.


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          Re: Homemade grabber tool

          Thanks. Great idea.

          Necessity is the mother of invention

          I've done like Herk mentioned using rope and a piece of copper, it works well.

          Those cheap grabbers are great, but are often too short or too weak to pick up the object.

          One time I went to a furniture store that had a stopped up commode on grand opening day. During the new construction a piece of 2" pvc about 6 inches long ended up in the commode bend. It was too far to reach, so I heated up the end of a piece of copper with the torch and let it melt straight through the piece of pvc (carefully), cooled it off by running water, and then pulled it out, with no damage to the commode bend.

          I have also heated up the end of a flathead screwdriver to melt plastic bottles stuck in the bottom of commodes to make them small enough to get out.


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            Re: Homemade grabber tool

            And it's made out of copper, which means it will last forever.

            You have some really good job security there. Years ago we had to work for about 7 of these "homes" and those people are worse than little kids.

            Some of the stupidest **** I've ever seen with attitudes, people being mad at each other for some of the most inane things. So when you find everything but their internal organs in those drains, there's good reason why they're doing it. At least in their mind it is. You had to ask about the people you were dealing with when you entered their room, or at least have representation of the rest home because anything goes in their mind.

            We had an old lady that was sexually abused at some point in life and she'd start taking her clothes off as soon as we entered the room. Trust me, I'm partially blind from the situation from seeing such horrible sights. Workers would try to cover her up with a blanket while we worked but she'd jump up on the bed and do a dance. Nothing you want to see and I swear her cervix fell out once. I don't want to know what it was I saw.

            Clogged toilets were the norm as well. Always intentional, shoving rags down them or bags full of items.

            I couldn't handle the constant smell of urine and feces though. Some rooms, all you had to do is walk past them and you just knew it was bad.

            And then there was this one guy who would always choke on his food, always. Everybody ignored him like it was second nature to hear this guy gasping for his last breath, and 5 minutes later you'd see him eating a pudding cup. LMFAO!!!!!

            I don't miss it.
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              Re: Homemade grabber tool

              Rick those grabbers you are talking about what is the part no or a photo or link to them would be great.
              I have been looking to buy something.


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                Re: Homemade grabber tool

                The greatest part about working at IL nursing homes is, you might be paid in 4 months, you might not.


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                  Re: Homemade grabber tool

                  I didnt even know we had one of these. Rick is a RIDGID encyclopedia.



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                    Re: Homemade grabber tool

                    josh, you need to spend more time in the school house

                    i'll walk you to school in september

                    we'll go see headmaster adam

                    now before all the puns start coming in

                    adam is the one at the ridgid school house that is the envy of everyone who thinks they have all the tools.

                    adam has them all. not a bad guy to make friends with

                    see you in september

                    the k-5 grabber/ grappler part #59190 6' long.

                    phoebe it is


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                      Re: Homemade grabber tool

                      Those aren't the ones Greg had. I believe he bought his from duracable.
                      Buy cheap, buy twice.