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    Re: Baby wipes

    We have been collecting them on a auger and pulling them out.Unless there is better way.
    I see rick used 3x4 cutter but I seem to struggle with any cutters going into baby wipes.


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      Re: Baby wipes

      greg i use cutters as the line is typically full of roots. the roots cause the wipes to hang up.

      i will clear the wipes and roots as needed to keep cutting.

      my secrete weapon, reverse auger is the fastest to get the line cleared, not cleaned.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Baby wipes

        Originally posted by jrsaltz View Post
        Here's some we caught with the 300 machine at a school for disabled kids. We removed nearly an entire plastic grocery bag worth.
        You told me once you didn't like the 300. What gives??


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          Re: Baby wipes

          Originally posted by Jay Mpls View Post
          I had quite a few "white mice" from an inside main last week....
          The tenants thought the toilet was a garbage can.
          Did you clean this sewer lateral through the floor drain ?? arent you afraid of picking up a 3 or 4 inch ball of roots or white mice inside the 4 " lateral and getting stuck when you try to come back throught the 1 1/12 inch-2 inch floor drain ??


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            Re: Baby wipes

            Originally posted by G3sprinklers View Post
            Well not to one up anybody but I remember going to the drive-in with my dad and then going home with my mom. I guess you could say dad was snaking the pipe

            S#%T I almost pissed my self with this thread thats good
            SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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              Re: Baby wipes

              I was doing "field rebuilds" of lift station pumps at a 20-plex every few weeks for almost a year.

              They would get so packed with various hygiene products that the motors wouldn't turn at all.

              Occasionally, both pumps would go out at once and it was a real super fun time.

              I'm glad I FINALLY got them to buy a grinder pump.... I got a call the other day that the last effluent pump has completely failed.

              Sometimes I wish our rates were higher......