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Customers that know it all?

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    Re: Customers that know it all?

    Sounds like this guy was maybe deserving of a little punishment from the cosmos.
    Seriously, I have to laugh at customers like this. They work and work and work and at the very least waste their time. At most, get filthy dirty and never solve the problem and still waste time.
    These are the same folks that usually bit*h and complain that it only took me 15 or 30 min. (depending on the access) to clean whatever drain and that I didn't even get a speck of dirt or poo on me. THAT really ticks some customers off
    I daily can go clear a drain (in many a cases even a semi-nasty restaurant line) then go to lunch with doing nothing more than washing my hands. There's no reason to both look and smell like I clean drains for a living.
    In fact, I get peeved if the cable even brushes against my shirt.


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      Re: Customers that know it all?

      Originally posted by kingbee View Post
      Fellas, for the sake of argument, lets just conclude that all of the sink traps were plugged with grease and the lower toilets were jammed with that wonderful moneymaking Charmin. All I know is what I was told, I was not there (unfortunately). This customer is well known for being a J.A. I have been told by several that it could not have happened to a better guy!
      I've seen this a lot with grease pits too. The inlet tee gets clogged and backs up all the drains in 2 level bldg., like a mall with a food court on the upper level. When it clears.....WHOA.... lookout.


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        Re: Customers that know it all?

        It's a funny story because this guy made it out alive. I agree with previous post, that he should have never gone into the tank period. Then to stand there and poke.. What did he think would happen? He must have spent a while tossing his cookies, but that's no place to go into. Doesn't sound dangerous at first, but if in the process of "dodging" or getting thrown backward from the gush he banged his head against the concrete, he may have been in big trouble if no one else was around to pull his sorry a** out! I guess he couldn't wait the extra 5 minutes for your friend to get a snake?