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any detroit area guys here?

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  • any detroit area guys here?

    Hi, Mike is my name. Just getting back into plumbing repair and am 3rd gen 40yr l.u. 98 plumb. Rick has lured me to join the fun and fellowship. Seems drain and sewer cleaning has been turned into an artform by Rick and others here. I will be starting out with no truck,money or large machine. Maybe flyers,door to door next week hard cold calls,networking old customers, contacts. Chrysler is why....14 yrs ago shut down biz to become pipefitter there...2 divorces later...1 financial crisis...back to grass roots.
    Need cash fast in Motown...Mike

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    Re: any detroit area guys here?

    Hi Mike,
    Welcome to the forum!
    Tuff time to start out on your own, but on a positive note "starting out with no truck,money or large machine" I guess you can only go up from there.

    I'm a Detroit guy. Detroit Lions, that is. I picked them years ago, back when they could win a game or two
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      Re: any detroit area guys here?

      im a detroit guy, Warren area. The drain business is what keeps me busy!

      You do not need a large machine............ the k-60 is your best friend!
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        Re: any detroit area guys here?

        Great , JH, and thanks for responding. I exagerated a bit on the "no money",but it is tight as heck. I look foward to communicating with you.
        Anyway I could ride along to see your methods and the k-60 in action? just sittin now-driving me crazy. I am 58 and have many repair stories to share if interested. If not -I understand fully,and please continue to communicate. Mike


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          Re: any detroit area guys here?

          Back in the '70's I worked for a Livonia company called Zeni & Maguire. Before I moved to Idaho in '72 I was living downtown (Detroit) and commuting to Livonia, usually by motorcycle. It's safe as long as you go about 10 mph faster than the rest of the traffic . . .

          I was born in Detroit Receiving.


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            Re: any detroit area guys here?

            Left Detroit in '62. Lived about 1/2 mile south of U of D (McNichols Campus).
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