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Does anyone use 1/8" jetter hose?

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  • Does anyone use 1/8" jetter hose?

    I maintain sand filters with my jetter and some of the manifold cleanouts are equiped with 3/4" ball valve followed by a 90. I can't get my 1/4" hose through that combo. I was wondering if I'd have any better luck with an 1/8" hose. The issue is with the crimp and fitting on the end of the hose being long enough that it won't make the bend.

    Any info before I go buy a new hose would be great!

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    Re: Does anyone use 1/8" jetter hose?

    have a look at harben mico mini. It's what I use for 1 1/2" and 2"

    3/4 is pretty small to get through a bend. doubt you'll accomplish that with any jetter hose.
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