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when cleaning a main line

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    Re: when cleaning a main line

    I feel every job is differnt. It makes sense to run out the whole cable, My second drum comes on after 75'. If I clear it at 30' I run the whole cable out if the line is that long. However I dont put another drum on unless the system warrants that. Questions of the customer help determine the possible problems in the line, I beleive question asking is key.

    On cameraing lines, I do a large amount of hydro jetting for other plumbers, So many times I get the call I have roots in a line at 50' and it needs to be jetted. In these situations I jet the line drop the camera in so I dont and my client do not get a call back. I use the camera as much for me as the client. I do watch and make sure clients dont abuse the privelage. When that happens I dont pull the camera out. I am a small company and because i take the time to do these things I stay very busy. I pick and choose clients sometimes. Some clients I dont want.