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  • Phcc-glaa

    It was great to see allot of you guys there. Rick 1643. Plumber rick with Mrs. Seat Down, Mark, Josh and the rest of the Ridgid guys (you guys had a great booth, I drooled a little bit). It was a good show and I got to the play with the K-60 first hand and see some of the other great tools Ridgid offers. I know I didn't mention every one that came but thank you and I know Josh and the Ridgid guys thanks you as well. I had a lot of fun and look forward to getting to know you guys. I want to thank you all again for getting me on this forum I have spent hours and hours reading up on tools and tips and have learned a lot.

    - Dan

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    Re: Phcc-glaa

    dan, nice to meet you and see parke again. it's been a long time since rootx has attended.

    i'll be placing my order this week and look forward to my lollipop

    i don't forget my candy

    phoebe it is