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Favorite Drum Machine?

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    Re: Favorite Drum Machine?

    I hope I get some of this right-

    THe machines are made in china, cables are made in US.

    They are close to, or have reach a settlement with the ins. co for the fire they had at their Mendota, IL location.

    If I remember this correctly, some production will be moved there after the plant is put back together. Maybe jetters?

    I may not have this 100% correct. I had a conversation with the rep a while ago, but i may have some of the details messed up.


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      Re: Favorite Drum Machine?

      Originally posted by Cuda View Post
      I have used a lot of them, I now use a General Maxi Rooter, good solid machine except reverse feed seems slow. My next drum will Be the Ridgid K-7500 because All Clear beats the snot out of his so it sounds like a tough machine.
      Hi, i was wondering in your 7500, would you choose 5/8 or 3/4. Is it true ridgid are putting lower quality wire in the 7500? I was thinking about the 7500 and wondered how one adds an extra 50 ft of cable onto it. Would you add it before or after the main 100 ft. I got a quote for 2994.00 plus tax in vancouver bc just last week fyi for a 5/8 wire unit.


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        Re: Favorite Drum Machine?

        I don't need snake!

        Just pull the toilet and tadaa'
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