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  • It's been awhile

    When have you seen a mech room floor drain work well ? Seems like every one I deal with is slow or doesn't work at all. Before draining some boilers I ran them. Only 1 out of 4 worked.
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    Re: It's been awhile

    funny that before i ever looked at your photo, i was going to recommend you use a k-50

    no need to tell you

    phoebe it is


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      Re: It's been awhile

      I had a call to one of the schools I take care of. Sewage was backed up in to the boiler room. The house maintenance man was going to rod thru the floor drain. I did some investigating. The outside temp was 0 degrees. I found a manhole and popped the lid, it was backed up, next manhole, same thing. I called the city, they sent a couple truckloads of guys, came back with all brand new Carhartt bibs and shovels, and then they called a septic/jetter company I recommended. The jetter guys found 2 x 4's, chain link fence, rocks, all kinds of stuff, it had turned septic, it was in there so long. The sewer pipe was acting like a cesspool, and it finally reached terminal capacity.