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General Rodrunner...any thoughts?

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    Re: General Rodrunner...any thoughts?

    Originally posted by dcman View Post
    Ahem brother!

    Look at you now.... a drum guy gone bad............


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      Re: General Rodrunner...any thoughts?

      I use the Electric Eel 3/4 hp Model C with the 1.25" cable on ALL sewer clogs that I can. It is my go to machine. Sure it is hard work to use it compared to say a 1065 with auto feed, but the power, root cutting ability, and less maintenance on the machine make it a no brainer for me. I have had one call so far the Model C couldn't open up. It was a 250' long collapsed orangeburg sewer line that had to be replace because it was so smashed there was only like 1" of clearance lift in the pipe. I've used alot of sewer machines and the Model C is the best machine you can buy imo. No machine is built as well as the Model C is.

      I also use the Drill and Eel set up too. I have 1.25" and 7/8" Eel cables for it and it has belled me out numerous times. For me I go to the Model C over the drill every time if circumstances allow. I prefer to use the drill on roofs, that is where it realy shines.
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