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drill and 1 1/4 cable

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  • drill and 1 1/4 cable

    what are the down sides to using a drill to spin cable ? Thanks

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    Re: drill and 1 1/4 cable

    Lack of cable control / feel( you need both hands to run the drill)

    Only able to drive cable from end. (you could hit an obstruction and have a full section out of the hole to deal with), Good to have a half section of cable to use when you get into this situation.

    I had been tinkering with the idea but I fell into a great deal on a K1500 so that was that... Funny thing is the K1500 has sat in the garage waiting for the one my K60 can't get ( 2 months and counting)



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      Re: drill and 1 1/4 cable

      I use my Ridgid 7111 drill to spin Electric Eel sectional cable. I have 15 four foot sections along with four reels of eight footers. Always making sure there is one section of four foot cable when I hit strong resistance. The drill works well up to 120 ft then it starts putting a strain on the drill. Using the drill works well for me in tight areas, like crawl spaces and in between tight spaces and especially overhead cleanouts. It sure beats lugging the 70 lb machine up and down stairs. If you do decide to use the drill method the Ridgid is a good choice. Have had better results than with the Dewalt and Milwaukee


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        Re: drill and 1 1/4 cable

        Originally posted by coldbluff View Post
        what are the down sides to using a drill to spin cable ? Thanks

        the down side is loss of teeth, broken bones and hanging yourself

        this is not an approved or safe method.

        the ones that do it this way are knowledgeable enough to know right from wrong.

        i know enough to respect it and i know 1 day joey is going to meet me in the hospital

        but until that day, i will continue to use the most powerful little setup know to plumber and man

        please don't attempt this if you have doubts. you will be a statistic

        phoebe it is