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Ball Retrieval

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    Re: You Ever Get Blue Balls?

    Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
    I spent the better part of an hour on the phone yesterday with Rick brainstorming ideas on what might work. This was one of the ideas.

    Ok...... he was brainstorming....... I was taking notes

    We also discussed recreating this problem in a controlled environment to see if the wood screw would penetrate the ball surface and hold on strong enough to pull back through the trap.

    Rick wanted to strap another raquetball to my snake and use that as a guide.

    autually it was your idea. i wasn't too sure, but then thought you can strap it back at the coupler and still allow the auger with screw to stay centered.

    The more I think about it, I will just pull the carpet back and break a hole about 4 feet from the ball and use a shopvac to suck it out without disturbing the mechanical system

    no guts, no glory. so much for lord of the balls

    ...and don't think I didn't notice how fast this thread cooled off after the title changed

    For those that missed it... 7.78 seconds

    but did you actually drill the board or shatter the board

    you did beat me too bad i wasn't watching as i was alredy at the threader contest eyeing the set up. i should have filed an official protest
    now you're going to make drop a ball int my deck drain just to prove it's doable. problem is all my drains are 4'' sdr35 and i would need a bigger ball

    plus baxter, my boxer would never let me steal his ball for this trick.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ball Retrieval

      What about using some sort of cork screw with a sharp tip on it to grab and hold onto it. How about a round wire or double jointed cork screw?


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        Re: Ball Retrieval

        A septic truck may do it. Build up the vac pressure and crack the valve open all at once. Wet rags around the hose and other openings