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  • tub drain clearing

    I manage a small apartment building and am looking for a better tool for clearing sinks and tubs. I bought the auto-spin two years ago, cleared a few drains with it (took a while), but now the cable dosent seem to want to advance more than a few feet. I keep hearing that the k-39 is a better choice, but i'm wondering if i should just move up to a larger machine, like the k-400. who has an opinion to share?

    also, has anyone seen the auto-spin exhibit behavior like above (not advancing the cable so well?)

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    Re: tub drain clearing

    auto spin was never meant as a commercial unit. either the feed bearings are shot or the cable is a rusty twisted mess.

    remove the cable and see what it looks like.

    the k-39 is a great machine for tub drains. use the standard 5/16'' cable and bulb head auger. remove the overflow trip lever assembly and linkage with plunger. go slow until you're through the trap.

    the 400 is not a practical machine for tubs as it's cable is too big and stiff for a 1.5'' waste and overflow. you'll wipe out your tub and damage your cable.

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      Re: tub drain clearing

      Depends on type of bathtub traps you're dealing with...

      P-traps: 1/4 inch or 5/16 cable machine

      Drum trap: General Kinetic Water Ram

      Either can also be used on lavatories.

      Kitchen sink needs larger cable, no Ram.
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        Re: tub drain clearing

        Your cable is twisted in the drum.The K39af is a perfect choice.


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          Re: tub drain clearing

          Wait a minute Rick, K-39? Surely there is some reason a K-60 would be better.

          I like a sits-in-the-tub-on-a-towel 1/4" cable machine, like this

          because I like to have both hands free instead of having one occupied holding the machine in the air.
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            Re: tub drain clearing

            I prefer the K-50 with a 5/16" canister.

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              Re: tub drain clearing

              I too like the K-50 with the canister drum.
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                Re: tub drain clearing

                I like to hire plumbers that have several options and that do this every day for a living. It cost less then having to replace a damaged machine, tub or sink. In the long run a good service agreement with a local plumber should do the trick. Usually if you have one plumber doing your work with a contract some will provide discounts.