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    Re: Product demo

    Originally posted by appletondrain View Post
    Product demo

    How does it usually take to have a sales rep call you and set up an appointment for a product demo ?

    I filled out a request on and have yet to hear from a sales rep…
    Before I read the rest of the replys I wanted to say


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      Re: Product demo

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      steve, now who is less bias, josh the ridigd employee

      or plumber rick

      josh can sleep on the porch

      I`d have to say Josh


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        Re: Product demo

        well I had a demo yester day.

        It was great to see so many Seesnakes at on time and use 2 of the 4.

        I used the mini Seesnake and the Seesnake plus.

        I will be buying the plus as it will be more suited for my needs here in Wisconsin.

        I had a hands on use of the NaviTrack II and its awesome…. Much better than my old analog needle one.

        The rep brought out these units

        Seesnake plus

        Seesnake mini

        Seesnake flat pack
        And the micro drain with micro explorer

        I had the demo at my house, I could not push either unit past 40-45’

        The Seesnake plus did push easier than the mini” under basement floor is all cast.

        Come to find out I have a hole house trap, very common up in Wisconsin “older homes” my house is 33 years old.

        So after the rep left I found the hole house trap .
        I found the hole house trap under my bar…
        removed the clean out cap and ran a older camera of my uncles and inspected the hole system and still looks very well.

        I have never even thought to inspect my own hose because I have never had a problem.

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