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hydro jetter debate

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  • hydro jetter debate

    hi to all

    i am pretty new in the drain cleaning business and my work consists of residential only, condos and villas.

    i own the k-39 af and some other hand tools for the jobs .

    i want to add a jetter to my arsenal and i am debating between an electric one (2 gpm at 1500 psi)and a gas powered one(6HP with 3 gpm)

    firstly can i jet with a gas jetter indoor??

    portabilty between the two is amost the same as both weigh about 65-75 pound

    i am afraid that an electric one with 15 amp and 2 gpm would be like pissing in the drain, what do u think??

    a gas jetter with 3 gpm can give me a more versatile array of jobs ,like 4 " main sewer lines right????

    thanks for listenning

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    Re: hydro jetter debate

    I started with a gas (13hp) cart jetter 4.5 gpm @ 3700 Figured I could use it for 4 " and smaller lines just hook up a 1/8 hose for the smaller drains, Being it is gas powered I would have to leave the jetter outside and run the hose through the customers house, wich can leave a mess on the floor and it was a real hassle to hook up the smaller hoses, so I ended up buying a small electric jetter (General j1450) This jetter i take right in the house with me no mess from a hose that has been down the sewer laying on the carpet and it does a great job in the smallwe 1 1/2 "-2" drains but its to small for anything bigger.
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      Re: hydro jetter debate

      The extra 1 gpm with the gas will make a differance and would go with the gas unit. I already had an electric and it was not as good or took longer. As for a hose from outside I simply bought painters hose plastic for going over airless hose and put it on my supply hose to my reel and no mess or marking.
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        Re: hydro jetter debate

        Thats a stellar Idea,I wish I would have thought of that, Is the plastic hose cover available at all the big box home improvement stores ??
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          Re: hydro jetter debate

          hi cuda

          please explain with more detail what you did??what is a painter hose??



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            Re: hydro jetter debate

            Airless paint sprayers have plastic hose covering as an option for inside spraying to not mark walls and floors I bought a 1000 ft roll online to cover my supply hose when in nice homes.
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              hose cover

              i don't know how do link's, but i can google. "airless paint sprayer hose covers". here you are and there you go. enjoy. breid